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Your family history is a journey.

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What will you discover about your ancestors?

Royalty or Peasant?

Did your ancestor tread the halls of Buckingham palace? Was he a viscount or a Viking? Railroad tycoon or coal miner? The process of finding your ancestor’s occupation is an exciting one!

Saint or Sinner?

Was your ancestor a minister or convict? Which side of the law was your ancestor on? You just never know who you’ll find in your family.

War Hero?

Did your ancestor serve in war? Did they write about their experiences? Researching military history is an excellent way to gain a glimpse into your ancestor’s past.


Family Secrets?

What skeletons are in your family closet? What mysteries still remain unsolved and stories untold? They’re waiting for you to uncover!

The Voyage!

Discover the stories of your ancestors’ emigration aboard precarious ships-when and why they left and all about the dangerous voyages.

Long Lost Family?

Many family historians have discovered relatives that they never knew existed – often living in other countries. Your family might be bigger than you think! has been created to help you on your journey

Learn how to research from the experts

With loads of guide books, events for you to attend and articles,
you will be sure to learn all you need to be successful in your research.

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There are myriads of resources out there and it can be confusing knowing where to go.
Our aim is to throw light on these, connecting you to quality products, services and information.

Explore the options to preserve your history

Your research is valuable. You now have the stories, documents and photos
and now make sure it lives on!